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The Team Coaching is a powerful tool for improving organizations and their members effectively and empowered to enable them to achieve their goals by generating more comprehensive, integrated and efficient strategies.

This program is ideal for those seeking Certified coaches to further enhance their professional growth, achieving a new international certification with a large global support, and a training program that will enhance their ability to work with groups of people and lead them to achieve extraordinary results.



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This specialization with international certification we have developed in PCA focuses on professionals who want to advance their careers by obtaining additional world-class accreditation support and facilitate team processes within organizations.

If you’re a coach and want to incorporate the knowledge and necessary tools to perform with competence when working with groups of people, this specialization is right for you.


In this program you will learn the following skills and knowledge:

– Foundations of group dynamics.

– An understanding of managing people in organizations.

– Ability to develop training sessions to groups of people.

– Keys to facilitate group processes.

– Comprehensive Training for teams.

– Strategic planning teams.

– Generation of tasks and progress objectives.

– And much more…


The Executive Coaching specialization program has been specially created by a select group of professionals from different countries, which have contributed in creating a learning experience and growth of high impact. The requirements for this program are:

– Having an international coaching certification issued by PCA, ICF or ICC.

– Complete the program’s registration form.

– Signing the respective contract provided by PCA’s official representative.

– Attend to at least 80% of the program.

– Conducting evaluations guided by teachers.

– Conducting unguided sessions and reporting them during the program.


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Learn to empower teams to improve performance and achieve incredible goals.

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