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If you want to reach the top of professional coaching, then this program will be the place where you want to be. Learn what allows you to improve your skills, becoming an international coach of this discipline and achieving the highest degree that a coach can achieve.

The MCC is a program created by PCA for those professionals with plenty of experience and who now want to go further.

If you are already established in this profession, your next step is to obtain the MCC.



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This Masters program in Coaching meets the highest international standards and has an excellent reputation and prestige. It is particularly targeted for professional coaches who want to further enhance their career and achieve the highest level of global accreditation.


During this training program you will learn the following:


– Methodologies for courses in coaching.

– Incorporation of various conceptual frameworks for people’s development.

– Deep Coaching Management Tools, NLP, Psychology, Administration, among others.

– Training in all areas of application of coaching.

– Knowledge of the different models of coaching.

– Hours of guided practice.

– Case studies and field training.

– And much more.


If you want to join the MCC, globally certified program by PCA, you must meet the following requirements:

– Being a coach with international certification by PCA, ICF or ICC.

– Have at least two Coaching program specialization certifications.

– Have at least two years of demonstrable professional practice.

– Demonstrate over a thousand hours of training sessions conducted with the client.

– Complete the registration form of the specialization program.

– Signing the respective contract directly with one of our official PCA representatives.

– Comply with 100% attendance of the program.

– Pass the practical test after the course.

– Get a 90% approval rating in the report of practical work.


your mission is to teach others

The MCC is an intensive training program for professionals who have the experience and accreditation necessary to achieve the highest level a Coach can get.

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