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Life Coaching is a key area of professional practice in the subject and just like the other dimensions in which coaches work it’s essential to know the processes and tools that belong to this environment in order to achieve more effective and more satisfied clients during support in order to achieve their goals.

This specialization program is designed for those coaches who are already certified and want to further enhance their career with a world class training and certification of wide international recognition.

Deepen your knowledge and learn new tools to apply in the process of life and make your customers feel more happy and fulfilled.

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This specialization program is designed for continuing studies for certificated Coaches that have studies by PCA, ICF and ICC, and constitute a further step in the direction of professional growth and improving their skills as enablers for people, teams and organizations.


In this program the following skills and knowledge will be developed:

– Understanding the most important life processes.

– Learning strategies to address the vital processes.

– Recognizing the emotional, psychological and social conditions that may influence the person.

– Learning to discover the inner motivations.

– Discovering the beliefs and values that limit and improve people.

– Generating life schedules.

– Empower other people in an effective and transformative way.

– Increasing staff motivation.

– Accompanying people to achieve their goals.

– And much more…


The Life Coaching specialization program has been specially created by a select group of professionals from different countries, which have contributed to a learning experience and growth of high impact. The requirements for this program are:

– Having an international coaching certification issued by PCA, ICF or ICC.
– Completing the program’s registration form.
– Signing the respective contract that will be provided by the official PCA representative.
– Attending at least 80% of the program.
– Conducting evaluations guided by teachers.
– Conducting unguided sessions and reporting them during the program.


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Get a new international certification in a specialty program that improves the quality of life of people.


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