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The Introduction to Coaching program is specially designed for people who want to start their training in this discipline. For a quick and clear program, participants will learn the fundamentals of coaching at the professional level, and may incorporate the main tools used in the model of integrative coaching; incorporating methodologies that will help to better understand working with people.

We invite you to start living the wonderful adventure of coaching, along with excellent coaches in a program specially designed for your growth and development.



to start a great path

We invite you to experience a great learning and growth experience with by starting your education and training in the development of key skills.


During this training coaching participants will learn the following skills:

– Understand the fundamentals and principles of coaching.

– Learn a clear model of applied coaching.

– Recognize the steps needed to implement a training session.

– Incorporate the initial coaching skills.

– Recognize the dimensions of effective communication.

– Learn the basic tools of NLP.

– And much more.


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Check the upcoming dates and cities that this program will be implementing. If you do not find availability near your location, please contact us to help you through our distance learning programs.

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Participant profile

This training is aimed at anyone who wants to improve his communication skills, learn about coaching, rationale, methodology and application to people individually.

It is ideal for those looking to develop a new career in coaching, and start the training process from the earliest stages.




This program has special requirements to participate. It is expected for participants to be highly motivated and committed to living a learning experience and personal growth that will definitely help them improve their skills in the professional field.