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The International Coaching Certification PCA is the best training alternative for professionals seeking to improve their current career or develop a new occupation working on supporting and training people.

Our training programs focus on learning processes that really add value to the personal and professional development of participants, and do so efficiently and effectively.

Coaching is a methodology that enables an effective change that through facilitating allows to achieve objectives efficiently and effectively, so why should the curriculum be long and inefficient? Our training programs are conducted in a short period of time, getting transmitted through a clear, focused, real learning and high impact methodology.

Get a world-class certification granted by the international leader in Integrative Coaching. Welcome to Professional Coaching Alliance.


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The International Coaching Certification is intended for all those wishing to learn the skills that should lead to become a professional coach, for those looking to improve their current career or develop in this way a new widely recognized profession.
For those wishing to develop their communication skills and ability to work effectively with people, adding value to the processes of growth of individuals, teams and organizations through coaching.


During this training participants of the International Certification program can learn and develop the following skills:
– Fundamentals and principles of coaching.
– Integrative Knowledge Coaching Model.
– Development of high impact communication skills.
– Treatment of individuals and groups.
– Precision in language use to improve performance.
– Improve the performance of individuals and teams.
– Design objectives and goal compliance.
– Assistance to increase motivation.
– And much more…


Participants wishing to be part of this training program and professional certification in coaching must meet the following requirements:
– Participants must be of legal age and wishing to strengthen their personal and professional growth.
– Complete the program’s registration forms.
– Sign the contract that will be delivered by the official PCA representative.
– Attend to at least 80% of the program.
– Submit the report of unguided sessions, completing the number of hours of sessions required by the program.
– Comply with assessments and standards developed by PCA for different countries.