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The Executive Coaching is a tool that has increasing adoption in enterprises around the world due to its excellent results to support leaders and managers to go further, by developing key skills for obtaining results.

This specialization program is designed to support internationally certified Coaches who wish to continue their learning and accreditation, and incorporate the tools and knowledge needed to perform competently in the business world.

If your desire is to grow, and make your customers grow, then this program is ideal for providing support methodologies, development tools and processes in the executive coaching world, providing professional keys in those skills required globally.


In this specialization program you will learn the following skills and knowledge:

  • Fundamentals of executive coaching.
  • Principles of managing people in organizations.
  • Understand the logic of power and relations of companies.
  • Management of executives and senior managers in coaching processes.
  • Assessment of key communication skills.
  • Laws of effective negotiations.
  • Strategic Support in political environments.
  • Persuasion ability.
  • Strategies to improve performance.
  • Formulas to improve the working environment.
  • And much moreā€¦
Participant's Profile

The International Executive Coaching Certification is a program created by PCA for professional coaches who want to improve their work, incorporating new techniques, tools, methodologies and skills in working with people within companies.

If you’re looking to improve your professional growth, reaching a new international certification with worldwide recognition, and improve your driving skills in working with managers and executives, this program is for you.


The Executive Coaching specialization program has been specially created by a select group of professionals from different countries, which has contributed to a learning experience and growth of high impact. The requirements for this program are:

– Having an international coaching certification issued by PCA, ICF or ICC.

– Complete the program’s registration form.

– Signing the respective contract provided by the official PCA representative.

– Attend at least 80% of the program.

– Conducting evaluations guided by teachers.

– Conducting unguided sessions and reporting them during the program.


to meet awesome goals

Executive coaching is the best way to support the development of leaders, managers and executives to achieve extraordinary goals.

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