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Transform from a boss into a Leader

The Leadership Coaching Program is an internationally certified training taught by PCA, to persons or companies wishing to realize and demonstrate a new level of leadership in their professional work.

This training is conducted in a personalized manner or in small groups with people working as heads of areas, officers or directors, or their senior decision-making teams within the organization.

Coaching for Leaders allows you to stop being a simple boss and become a true leader to lead the way teams require and obtain the high performance results of an efficient and effective management.

Participant's Profile

This International Certification program has been specially designed for leaders, managers, general managers and executives who want to improve their leadership and people management skills to achieve new and better results.

It is a custom program or carried out in small groups, allowing a unique experience of transformation that will mark a before and after in your professional development and career.


During this training and international certification program, you will learn the following:

– Promoting effective leadership skills.

– Integrating NLP tools for managing people.

– Learning how to empower your team through coaching.

– Managing the organizational climate for favorable results.

– Negotiating effectively.

– Conducting an effective and result-oriented communication.

– Generating plans that allow to achieve objectives through concrete actions.

– Establishing indicators to measure progress.

– Enhance your career and get positioned in the right places.

– And much more…


The Executive Coaching specialization program has been specially created by a select group of professionals from different countries, which have contributed to a learning experience and growth of high impact. The requirements for this program are:

– Having an international coaching certification issued by PCA, ICF or ICC.

– Complete the program’s registration form.

– Signing the respective contract that will be provided by the official PCA representative.

– Attend at least 80% of the program.

– Conducting evaluations guided by teachers.

– Conducting unguided sessions and reporting them during the program.


and develop the skills that make a difference

We want to put aside the old way of managing and learn the key skills that will turn you into a leader, to improve performance and environment; achieving goals like never before.

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