Reporting an Ethical Foul

We safeguard the ethical practice of Coaching


PCA makes available to all our customers and the community in general, this system to report any unethical conduct of some of our members, partners and/or representatives.

If you believe that any of them violated any of the considerations set out in our Code of Ethics we’ll thank you for exposing the situation in detail. It is essential to identify the member, associate or representative who has acted inappropriately with a report stating the facts (not just perceptions) based on the events that occurred directly as well as data to identify both the affected and the accused parts.


After receiving the information in your complaint, an investigation process begins. Note that PCA can only act directly on the members, associates and representatives forming part of our organization, and after gathering the necessary information to ensure the quality of the data presented, in order to take decisions according to what actually happened.

The actions PCA can take are varied, ranging from dismissing the complaint for lack of evidence, to the final expulsion of the person who committed the fault to our code of ethics.


the highest professional standard

If you have received services from a person or company member of PCA and feel you have suffered a situation against the ethics, please contact us.

Report an Ethical Foul

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