We are people who develop people

Welcome to PCA

Professional Coaching Alliance is an entity completely committed to developing the highest standards in training and professional areas in the world of Coaching.

We see ourselves as people who develop people; we strongly believe in the human capacity for growth and self-development. And we are committed to sharing our ideas and support the development of others.

In order to achieve our goals, we have programs and certifications in the discipline of coaching. And for this we’ve created the International Coaching Certification. At the same time, we operate as an international network of coaching and training companies, we share the same vision of excellence and commitment for our profession.

Additionally, our members have excellent training, certificates and great competence in various areas of the profession, ranging from life coaching, to executive dimensions, integrating the skills and knowledge necessary to accompany the widest range of requirements for different customers.

Finally, we are pleased to invite you to meet our vision, programs and activities to explore new avenues of growth and development.

In PCA, we are dedicated to developing programs that enable our clients to learn the coaching profession with the highest world standards. We develop international certification programs, which are a great way to educate and ensure high standards in the practice of the profession. Our programs are developed directly by PCA, through our officials who are in different countries, conducting coaching programs from introductory level to mastery.

Our vision focuses on the need to support people and businesses around the world to improve and enhance the skills, abilities and knowledge of people, allowing to go further, specifying their dreams into real projects and concrete results through professional coaching with the world class PCA standard.

Our mission is based on the contribution to development, the formation and growth of individuals and organizations through Coaching. Always delivering the best content, experiences and skills that translate into common findings in extraordinary results in delivering a first class support and international quality.



Telephone: +1 305 600 2059