Systems Changes

We are improving our systems, website, directory and system of certificates and registrations. So we can present delays, incomplete information and some difficulties.

On November 6 we will launch our new platform with many more services. Thank you for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Your business can be an official representative of the international certification programs that PCA performs globally. Contact us today.


Train with us or validate your studies and become a member of the leading organization in Integrative Coaching. It is part of a network that adds value to your career.


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Our Certifications

All our programs have the highest international standards and are designed by professionals with extensive experience and track record. Our international certification programs in coaching started from the introductory training until the master on the discipline, all with global recognition, being a great backup at a career development and personal growth level. We invite you to join the most important organization in the development of coaching at a professional level, from the professionalĀ coaching. It is part of our exclusive global team.

Our Ethics

Coaching at a professional level is a discipline that seeks to maintain and promote the highest ethical and quality standards in the professional performance of the discipline, and this is reflected by our certifications to individuals and entities representing PCA in different places of the world. In PCA we have a code of ethics that gives our graduates, coaches and general customers, the necessary conditions for a professional development and with a clear ethical framework, allowing to protect the integrity of each coaching process. We invite you to visit our professional standard, download and review our code of ethics, and contact us if you have any questions or know a case of unethical behavior you want to report. Welcome to PCA, the global agency of Professional Coaching

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Everyone can be part of the benefits from the PCA training programs, its high standards, prestige and own reputation as one of the most important coaching agencies at an international level, and the number one in ProfessionalĀ Coaching. If you want to start a new career or enhance the one you already have, we invite you to get certified with our team of trainers, who will deliver you an experience of growth and world class training. If you are a member of an organization specialized in people development, coaching, HR or related topics, we invite you to be part of the official representatives of PCA in different countries. Contact us and we will give you much more information on how to enhance your work in Coaching with our programs and international certifications. Join PCA.


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